Confirmed Modification of Definitive Map

The Shropshire Council (Footpath 44R Deletion and Addition, Parishes of Neen Savage and Cleobury Mortimer and Footpath Addition, Parish of Cleobury Mortimer) Modification Order 2013

Following a public inquiry into the above named public rights of way orderĀ  the Planning Inspectorate confirmed the order on 21 May 2018. In effect, there is now a public footpath from the Catherton Road along the drive to the Glen Caravan Park, and Footpath 44R recorded in error in Neen Savage Parish has been moved south of the stream to run through part of the caravan park, formerly the site of the old Cleobury Mortimer workhouse. The latter is not currently available on the ground and officers will need to negotiate a solution to resolve this.

Neen Savage Definitive Map Modification Order – confirmation notice

Confirmed Modification Order (with maps)