Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 26 May 2021

Approved Minutes of Neen Savage Parish Council meeting on 26 May 2021

Agenda for Neen Savage Parish Council Meeting to be held on 26 May 2021

Councillors’ Roles and Appointments 20-21
Dates for Meetings 21-22
List of Policies and Review Dates
NSPC Financial Regulations (2021)
NSPC Standing Orders (2021)

NSPC Accounts 20-21 Final Bank Reconciliation for approval
NSPC Audited Accounts 2020-21 for approval
Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2021-21 for approval
Internal Audit Report 2020-21

NSPC Asset Register for Insurance purposes May 2021
NSPC Risk Assessments
Neen Savage Parish Council – Hiscox Schedule 2021

Cllr Simon Harris Monthly Report May 2021