Reporting Potholes

The wet winter of 2019-20 has been very harsh on the roads all through our Parish. It is very important to report these to Shropshire Council so that they are logged and prioritised. The more people who report a pothole, the more likely it will get actioned.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Create an account on My Shropshire

2. When you have done that click on “New Request”

3. One option is Potholes/Surface Problems

4. If you can get the map to appear, put in your post code. That will bring you to a familiar location then you can move the map around until you locate the road with the problem. Double-click on the road and it will highlight the complete road.

[this doesn’t always seem to work first time, but do persevere]

5. Hit Send and you get a message “your selection on the map has been registered”.

6. Now you can add any additional information. It might be a good idea to be as specific as possible on where the pot holes are – just in case the Map Location hasn’t worked.

If you want to add to your complaint please send an email to the following:

Mrs McBride at

With a cc to and

The more emails they get about specific potholes the more pressure they can put on the people in Shrewsbury who allocate the work.